10th Standard Science Chapter 16

10th Standard Science Chapter 16 Quiz. how much you know or you don’t  know,  test here. quiz  contains only 10 questions there no time limit.

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10th Standard Science Chapter 16


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Q1. Which of the following is/ are not the consequence/consequences of building high-rise dams?

i. Loss of biodiversity

ii. Depletion of the natural habitats of wild animals .

iii. Soil erosion leading to the infertility of land

iv. Fall in the groundwater level

Choose the correct option from the following:

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Q2. Which of the following activities will prove to be effective in preventing floods?

i. Removing the topsoil

ii. Afforestation

iii. Construction of dams

iv. Cutting of trees

Choose the correct option from the following:

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Q3. Which among the following was a message conveyed by the ‘Chipko Movement’?

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Q4. The quality of environment can be improved by-

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Q5. Which among the following is an eco-friendly activity?

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Q6. Which of the following does not lead to the depletion of groundwater?

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Q7. Government launched the ‘Ganga Action Plan’ (GAP) project in 1985. The main purpose of this project was to:

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Q8. Which among the following factors help in confirming the contamination of river water?

i. Measurement of pH of river water

ii. Presence of chlorine in river water

iii. Existence of diverse life forms in river water

iv. Presence of coliform bacteria in river water

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Q9. Among the following choose the correct option which includes acts related to the three R's strategy which can be useful for conserving our natural resources?

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Q10. Who started chipko andalon?

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