10th Standard Science Chapter 2

10th Standard Science Chapter 2 Quiz. how much you know or you don’t  know,  test here. quiz  contains only 10 questions there no time limit.

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10th Standard Science Chapter 2


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Q1) Which of the following are exothermic processes? (i) Reaction of water with quick lime
(ii) Dilution of an acid
(iii) Evaporation of water
(iv) Sublimation of camphor (crystals)

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Question 2.
An aqueous solution turns red litmus solution blue. Excess addition of which of the following solution would reverse the change?

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Question 3
Two aqueous solutions P and Q have pH of 5 and 13 respectively. The correct inference is that

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Question 4.
The pH of a solution is 7. How can you increase its pH?

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Question 5.
Sodium carbonate is a basic salt because it is a salt of

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Question 6.
Which gas is evolved when acids react with metals?

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Question 7.
A sample of soil is mixed with water and allowed to settle. The clear supernatant solution turns the pH paper yellowish-orange. Which of the following would change the colour of this pH paper to greenish- blue

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Question 8.
Which of the following gives the correct increasing order of acidic strength

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Question 9.
If a few drops of a concentrated acid accidentally spills over the hand of a student, what should be done?

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Question 10.
Farmers neutralise the effect of acidity of the soil by adding

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