10th Standard Science Chapter 5

10th Standard Science Chapter 5 Quiz. how much you know or you don’t  know,  test here. quiz  contains only 10 questions there no time limit.

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10th Standard Science Chapter 5


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Q1. How many periods and groups are present in the periodic table?

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Q2. Which of the following forms the basis of the modern periodic table?

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Q3. What happens to the electropositive character of elements on moving from left to right in a periodic table?

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Q4. The electronic configuration of an element M is 2, 8, 4. In modern periodic table, the element M is placed in

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Q5 Which of the following is the correct order of the atomic radii of the elements oxygen, fluorine and nitrogen

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Q6. What is the other name for group 18thelements?

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Q7. Which of the following is the most reactive element of the group 17?

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Q8. Element X forms a chloride with the formula XCl2, which is a solid with a high melting point. X would most likely be in the same group of the Periodic Table as

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Q9. Which group elements are called transition metals?

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Q10. Which of the following elements has 2 shells and both are completely filled?

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