1st PUC Chemistry Series-5

PUC Science 1st Year Chemistry Series-5 quiz

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1st PUC Chemistry Series 5


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Q.41Molecules are held together in a crystal by

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Q.42  Sp3d2 hybridization is present in [Co(NH3)63+], find its geometry

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Q.43. Find the molecule with the maximum dipole moment

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Q.44 MX6 is a molecule with octahedral geometry. How many X – M – X bonds are at 180°?

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Q.45Find the pair with sphybridisation of the central molecule

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Q.46 The formal charge and P-O bond order in PO43- respectively are

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Q.47Which of the molecules does not have a permanent dipole moment?

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Q.48. pℼ – dℼ bonding is present in which molecule

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Q.49Which one has a pyramidal shape?

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Q.50Elements X and Y combine to form two compounds XY and X2Y. Find the atomic weight of X and Y, if the weight of 0.1 moles of XY is 10g and 0.05 moles of X2Y is 9g

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