1st PUC Chemistry Series-9

PUC Science 1st Year Chemistry Series-9 quiz

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1st PUC Chemistry Series 9


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Q81 Find the secondary pollutant among these

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Q82 The reaction responsible for the radiant energy of the Sun is

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Q83 Alum’s capacity to purify water is due to

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Q84 The coldest region of the atmosphere

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Q85 Which of the oxide of nitrogen is not a common pollutant?

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Q86The compound essential for the process of photosynthesis has this element

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Q87. In the air, Nand O2 occur naturally but they do not react to form oxides of nitrogen because

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Q88. Which of the compounds is known as Slaked lime?

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Q89Which of the ions have maximum hydration energy?

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Q90 As compared to K, Na has

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