1st PUC physics Series-1

PUC Science 1st Year Physics Series-1 quiz

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1st PUC Physics Series 1


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Q.1 How many numbers of base SI units are there?

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Q.2 What is the percentage error in the measurement of the kinetic energy of a body, if there is a positive error of 50% in the speed of the body

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Q.3 What is the dimensional formula of torque and energy

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Q.4 Find the relative error of y, if y=x2

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Q.5 Identify the physical parameters that are having the same dimensions from the below-given list:

(i) Magnetic field

(ii) Energy density

(iii) Refractive index

(iv) Young’s modulus

(v) Dielectric constant

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Q.6 What is the angle between A and B, if A⃗ +B⃗ =C⃗  such that C⃗  is perpendicular to A⃗  and ∣∣A⃗ ∣∣=∣∣C⃗ ∣∣

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Q.7 Which the following is a dimensionless quantity

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Q.8 Calculate the value of the dot product of the two vectors whose magnitudes are 3 units and 4 units and their resultant is 1 unit.

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Q.9 From the given three fundamental constants, select the combination that gives the dimension of length

(i) Newton’s gravitational constant (G)

(ii) Speed of light in a vacuum (c)

(iii) Planck’s constant (h

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Following are the readings obtained while measuring the diameter of a wire by using the screw gauge0 mm is the main scale reading

52 divisions are the circular scale reading

What is the diameter of the wire if 1 mm on the main scale is equal to the 100 divisions on the circular scale

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