1st PUC physics Series-11

PUC Science 1st Year Physics Series-11 quiz

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1st PUC Physics Series 11


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Q.101 What will be the inductance if the iron core is removed from the iron cored coil to make it air-cored coil?

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Q.102 Higher the self-inductance of a coil

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Q.103 Which of the following circuit elements will oppose the change in circuit current?

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Q.104 How does an inductor work?

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Q.105 The inductance of the coil is not affected by which of the following?

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Q.106 In a small inductance:

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Q.107 The phenomenon due to which there is an induced current in one coil due to the current in a neighbouring coil is?

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Q.108 The combination of the same two inductors (33 mH and 55 mH) connected in parallel without mutual inductance will have a value of

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Q.109 Three inductance with the values 4 NH, 140 μH, and 5 H are connected in series without mutual inductance. For practical purposes, the net inductance will be very close to

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The emitter-base junction of a transistor is ………. Biased while the collector-base junction is ………….

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