1st PUC physics Series-12

PUC Science 1st Year Physics Series-12 quiz

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1st PUC Physics Series 12


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Q.111 A NPN transistor conducts when

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Q.112 Which of the following is true

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Q.113 For a common base configuration of PNP transistor Ic/IE = 0.98 then the maximum current gain in common emitter configuration will be

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Q.114 In a PNP transistor working as a common-base amplifier, the current gain is 0.96 and emitter current is 7.2 mA. The base current is

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Q.115 Which is the least doped region in a transistor?

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Q.116 The transistors provide good power amplification when they are used in

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Q.117 For a transistor the parameter b= 99. The value of the parameter is a is

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Q.118  In a PNP transistor the base is the N-region. Its width relative to the P-region is

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Q.119 Which among the following parameters acts as an initiator for the operation of an oscillator in the absence of input signal?

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Q.120 Multivibrators belongs to which of the following category?

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