1st PUC physics Series-5

PUC Science 1st Year Physics Series-5 quiz

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1st PUC Physics Series 5


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Q.41  In the forward bias arrangements of a PN junction diode

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Q.42 In a PN junction diode

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Q.43 The cut-in voltage for silicon diode is approximately

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Q.44 The electrical resistance of the depletion layer is large because

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Q.45 If the forward voltage in a semiconductor diode is doubled, the width of the depletion layer will

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Q.46 The PN junction diode is used as

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Q.47 When a PN junction diode is reverse biased

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Q.48 A PN junction has a thickness of the order

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Q.49 In the depletion region of an unbiased PN junction diode there are

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Q.50 On increasing the reverse bias to a large value in a PN junction diode, current

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