2nd PUC Biology Series 7

PUC Science 2nd Year  Biology Series-7 quiz

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2nd Puc Biology Series 7


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Q.61  The closely related morphologically similar sympatric populations, but reproductively isolated, are designated as

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Q.62 The true statement about ‘green-house effect’ is that it is

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Q.63 Benthoic animals are those, which

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Q.64 Which country has the greatest contribution for the whole formation in ozone layer?

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Q.65  The ‘niche’ of a species is meant for

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Q.66 The two great industrial tragedies namely, MIC and Chernobyl tragedies respectively occurred where and at which time?

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Q.67 The 10% energy transfer law of food chain was given by

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Q.68 The most common indicator organism that represents polluted water is

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Q.69  In coming years, skin related disorders will be more common due to

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Q.70  During adverse season, therophytes survive by

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