2nd PUC Biology Series 8

PUC Science 2nd Year  Biology Series-8 quiz

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2nd Puc Biology Series 8


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Q.71 MAB stands for

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Q.72 Formation of ozone hole is maximum over

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Q.73 Which of the following ecosystem has the highest gross primary productivity?

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Q.74  Phosphate pollution is caused by

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Q.75 Which of the following acts as “nature’s scavengers”?

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Q.76 . In desert grasslands, which type of animals are relatively more abundant?

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Q.77 The supersonic jets cause pollution by the thinning of

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Q.78  Which one of the following organisms is used as indicator of water quality

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Q.79  If there was no C02 in the earth’s atmosphere, the temperature of earth’s surface would be

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Q.80 Plants such as Prosopis, Acacia and Capparis represent examples of tropical

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