2nd PUC Biology Series 9

PUC Science 2nd Year  Biology Series-9 quiz

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2nd puc Biology Series 9


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Q.81 Carbon mono-oxide is a pollutant because

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Q.82 How carbon monoxide, emitted by automobiles, prevents transport of oxygen in the body tissues?

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Q.83 In a terrestrial ecosystem such as forest, maximum energy is in which trophic level?

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Q.84  Which of the following communities is more vulnerable to invasion by outside animals and plants?

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Q.85 The rate at which light energy is converted into chemical energy of organic molecules is the ecosystems

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Q.86 The Minamata disease in Japan was caused through the pollution of water by

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Q.87 D.D.T. is

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Q.88  Which of the following organism is likely to have more concentration of D.D.T. in its body?

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Q.89 Which of the following is pollution related disorder?

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Q.90  Energy transfer from one trophic level to other, in a food chain, is

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