2nd PUC Physics Series – 1

PUC Science 2nd Year Physics Series-1 quiz

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2nd PUC Physics Series 1


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1.Which one of the following is the unit of electric field?

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2.Three charges + 3q + q and Q are placed on a st. line with equal separation. In order to maket the net force on q to be zero, the value of Q will be :

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3.If an electric dipole is kept in a uniform electric field then resultant electric force on it is :

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4.The number of electron-taken out from a body to produce 1 coulomb of charge will be :

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5.The work done in rotating an electric dipole in an electric field:

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Q.6 If sphere of bad conductor is given charge then it is distributed on:

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Q.7 Electric field in a cavity of metal:

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Q.8 The dielectric constant of a metal is:

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9.  1 coulomb is equal to:

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Q.10 Each of the two point charges are doubled and their distance is halved. Force of interaction becomes p times, w here p is :

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