2nd PUC Physics Series-12

PUC Science 2nd Year Physics Series-12 quiz

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2nd PUC Physics Series 12


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111. The resistance of an aluminium wire is/i. It is stretched to /i times its original length. Its new resistance will be :

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112. A wire P is half the diameter and half the length of a wire Q of similar material. The ratio of resistances of P to that 0 is:

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113. What is the resistance across A and B in the network in Fig.?

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114. When the wires are connected in parallel, the heat produced in the thinner wire is H1 and that in the thicker wire is H2 Then:

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115. Two equal resistors are connected in series across a battery and consume a power of P. If these are connected in parallel, then the’ power consumed will be:

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116. Thermo electricity was discovered by:

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117. Thermo emf is the order of:

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118. The coupling co-efficient of the perfectly coupled coils is:

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119. An e and a p are moving parallel to each other in a magnetic field. The magnetic force acting on the p+ is:

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Q.120 A transformer is used to light 100 W and 110 V lamp from a 220 V mains. If the main current is 0.5 A. Then the efficiency of the transformer is:

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