2nd PUC Physics Series 2

PUC Science 2nd Year Physics Series-2 quiz

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2nd PUC Physics Series 2


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Q.11 Coulomb’s law in vector form can be written as
F⃗  = (14πεn) (q1q2r2)r⃗ 
where ε0 is the permitivity of free space. The SI units of ε0 will be:

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Q.12 The dimensional representation of cu will be :

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Q.13 When placed in a uniform field, a dipole experiences:

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Q.14 A parrot comes and sits on a bare high power line. It will:

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Q.15 The SI units of electric dipole moment are:

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Q.16 If two conducting sphere are connected after charging separately then:

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17. A soap bubble is given a negative charge, then its radius:

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18.In non-uniform electric field, electric dipole experiences:

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Q.19 An electron is sent in an electric field of magnitude 9.1 × 106NC-1. The acceleration produced in it is :

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20.A semicircular arc of radius r is charged uniformly and the charge per unit length is λ. The electric field at the centre is:

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