2nd PUC Physics Series-5

PUC Science 2nd Year Physics Series-5 quiz

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2nd PUC Physics Series 5


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41. Twenty seven drops of mercury are charged simultaneously to the same potential of 10 volts. What will be potential if all the charged drops are made to combine to form one large drop ?

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42.The P.E. of an electric dipole is maximum when it makes an angle θ with electric field. The value of θ is :

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43.The amount of work required to increase the distance between -6µC and 4µC from 6 cm to 18 cm will be :

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Q.44 An electron initially at rest is accelerated through a potential difference of one volt. The energy gained by electron is:

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45.A bird sitting on a high power line:

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46.Choose the SI unit of electric potential energy :

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Q.47 The capacitance of earth, viewed as a spherical conductor of radius 6408 km is:

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Q.48 A capacitor is connected to a cell of emf E having some internal resistance r, the potential across the:

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49. If a +ve charge is moved from low to high potential region,
the electric potential energy:

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Q.50 A capacitor is connected across a battery and the plate separation of capacitor is increased without removing the battery, then:

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