2nd PUC Physics Series-8

PUC Science 2nd Year Physics Series-8 quiz

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2nd PUC Physics Series 8


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71. A wire of resistance 3 Ω is cut into three pieces, which are then joined to form a triangle. The equivalent resistance between any corners of the triangle is :

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72. The length of a conductor is halved. Its resistance will be :

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73. In the above question, the conductance:

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74. Siemen is the unit of:

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75. How much electric energy is consumed by a 100 W lamp used for 6 hours everyday for 30 days?

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76. Suppose H1 is the heat generated per second in the filament of a 100 W, 250 V lamp and H2 is the heat generated in the filament of a 200 W, 250 V lamp. Then H1/H2 is equal to:

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Q.77 Two wires of copper are of the same length but’have different diameters. When they are connected in series across a battery, the heat generated is H1 When connected in parallel across the same battery, the heat generated during the same time is H2 Then :

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78. Kirchhoffs first and second laws for electrical circuits are consequences of:

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79. A 5 A fuse wire can with stand a maximum power of 1 W in circuit. The resistance of the fuse wire is:

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80. The length and radius of an electric resistance of a certain wire are doubled simultaneously, then the:

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