7th Standard Science Chapter 1

7th standard science

7th STD science Chapter 1 :

7th standard science study material, pratice papers, notes

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7th STD science Chapter 1

7th Standard science MCQS

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  Q1 Two Organisms Are Good Friends And Live Together. One Provides Shelter, Water And Nutrients While The Other Three Prepares And Provides Food. Such An Association Of Organisms Is Termed As: Saprophyte Parasite Autotrophs Symbiosis

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2 The Food Synthesised By The Plants Is Stored As

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Which Of The Statements Is Or Are Incorrect?

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Which Of The Following Statements Is Or Are Correct?

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Paheli Asked To Boojho That “Can You Solve The Following Riddle – I Am White And Soft. I Grow Well In The Rainy Season. Children Pluck Me From The Ground And Admire Me. But I Absorb Nutrients From Dead Animals And Plants”.

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Paheli Wants To Know That Some Plants Have Deep Red, Violet Or Brown Colored Leaves But Can These Leaves Perform The Process Of Photosynthesis?

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When We Observe The Lower Surface Of A Leaf Through A Magnifying Lens, We See Numerous Small Openings. Which Of The Following Is The Term Given To Such Openings?

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Which Of The Following Is Parasite?

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Why Insectivorous Plants Trap Insects?

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Choose The Incorrect Statements, What Happened When Wheat Dough Left In The Open, After A Few Days

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