8th Standard Science Chapter-6

8th Standard Science quiz Chapter-6

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8th Standard Science Chapter 6


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Q11. The shape of the magnetic field lines produced by a current carrying conductor are:

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Q12. An electric motor is a device which transforms

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Q13. Which of the following diagrams correctly shows the magnetic field produced by a current- carrying wire?

sci ch13 mcq image2

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Q14. The frequency of electricity produced by DC generator is equal to

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Q15. A current flows in a wire running between the S and N poles of a magnet lying horizontally as shown in the figure below:

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The force on the wire due to the magnet is directed:

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Q11. The energy efficient device for producing light is:

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Q12. The radiation present in the sunlight that gives us the feeling of hotness is

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Q13. The major constituent of biogas is

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Q14. The process by which energy is produced in the sun is

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Q15. The diagram shows a simple calorimeter system for measuring the heat given out by a liquid fuel contained in the burner. The experimental data for four fuels A, B, C and D is given below. 100 ml (100g) of water was put in the calorimeter and a thermometer is used to measure the change in temperature. With the help of the data find the fuel which is the least efficient?

sci ch14 image1

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