8th Standard Science Chapter-9

8th Standard Science quiz Chapter-9

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8th Standard Science Chapter 9


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Q11. Which of the following is the atomic number of an element that forms basic oxide?

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Q12. The elements A, B and C belong to group 2, 14 and 16 respectively, of the periodic table. Which of the two elements will form covalent bonds?

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Q13. Which of the following does not decrease while moving down the group of the periodic table?

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Q11. The organic compounds having functional group are known as:

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Q12. From which of the following substance pencil lead is formed?

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Q13. Ester is formed by the reaction between:

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Q14. What is denatured alcohol?

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Q15. Which of the following substance produces brisk effervescence with baking soda solution?

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Question 25.
Match the chemical substances given in Column (A) with their appropriate application given in Column (B).

Column IColumn II
(A) Bleaching powder(i) Preparation of glass
(B) Baking soda(ii) Production of H2 and Cl2
(C)Washing soda(iii) Decolourisation
(D) Sodium chloride

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Question 24.
To protect tooth decay, one is advised to brush the teeth regulary. The ingredient of the paste which checks tooth decay is:

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