9th standard English Chapter-1

9th Standard English quiz Chapter-1, for solving the quiz students they will prepare exam, those who are  preparing yourself Competitive Exam like TET etc

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9th standard English Chapter 1


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Q.1 Tommy walked away with the ______ book beneath his arm

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Q.2 According to Margie, in an older time, the schools were

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Q.3 Whose father knew as much as a teacher?

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Q.4 “Why would anyone write about school” -Who said this?

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Q.5 Margie was disappointed because they

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Q.6 Margie had to write out her homework

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Q.7 After fixing the mechanical teacher, the big screen displayed

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Q.8 The County Inspector had a whole box of

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Q.9 Why did Margie hate school now more than ever

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Q.10 Margie was scornful-

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