9th standard English Chapter-2

9th Standard English quiz Chapter-2, for solving the quiz students they will prepare exam, those who are  preparing yourself Competitive Exam like TET etc

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9th standard English Chapter 2


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Q.11 According to Tommy, the real book was

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Q.12 The kids in the old schooling pattern went home together

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Q.13 While inserting her homework in the proper slot, Margie was thinking about

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Q.14 What did the teacher in the real book do?

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Q.15 Why did Margie find the old schools interesting?

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Q.16 What was the diffrence between old schools and modern schools/

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Q.17 How much time was taken to repair Tommy’s teacher?

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Q.18 What did the County Inspector do to help Margie?

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Q.19 Why did Margie’s mother call the County Inspector?

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Q.20 Who was the regular teacher who taught the lessons?

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