9th standard English Chapter -5

9th Standard English quiz Chapter-5, for solving the quiz students they will prepare exam, those who are  preparing yourself Competitive Exam like TET etc

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9th standard English Chapter 5


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Q.41 What was the source of inspiration for Bismillah?

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Q.42 What did Evelyn want to spread through her music?

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Q.43 What did Ron Forbes advise Evelyn?

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Q.44 Who all were present on the event of 15th August?

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Q.45 Shehnai is a refined version of which instrument?

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Q.46 Why was the event of Shehnai Playing on 15th August a historic one?

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Q.47 Why did Bismillah refuse to go to the U.S.A.?

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Q.48 Where was the Shehnai played traditionally?

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Q.49 How is the Shehnai different from the Pungi?

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Q.50 Why was playing Pungi in Aurangzeb’s palace banned?

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