9th Standard Math’s Chapter-8

9th Standard Math’s quiz Chapter-8 for solving the quiz students they will prepare exam, those who are  preparing yourself Competitive Exam like TET, JRF and NTA etc

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9th standard math's Chapter 8


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Q.71 Why did Kezia tear the papers?

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Q.72 What would Kezia find her mother doing on Sunday afternoons in the drawing room?

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Q.73 Why did grandmother send Kezia to her father in the drawing room Sunday?

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Q.74 What did Kezia think of her father when he used to yawn?

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Q.75 How did the little girl feel when her father looked at her from the spectacles?

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Q.71 The quadrilateral whose all its sides are equal and angles are equal to 90 degrees, it is called:

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Q.72  The sum of all the angles of a quadrilateral is equal to:

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Q.73 A trapezium has:

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Q.74 A rhombus can be a:

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Q.75 A diagonal of a parallelogram divides it into two congruent:

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