9th standard Science Chapter-3

9th Standard Science quiz Chapter-3

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9thStandard Science Chapter 3


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Q.21 Heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve and remain suspended throughout the solvent and the solute particles can be seen with the naked eye is known as:

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Q.22 In tincture of iodine, find the solute and solvent?

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Q.23 The continuous zig-zag movement of colloidal particles in a dispersion medium is called

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Q.24 A pure substance which is made up of only one kind of atom and cannot be broken into two or more simpler substances by physical or chemical means is referred to as

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Q.25 Which of the following non-metal is a good conductor of electricity?

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Q.26 Which of the following property does not describe a compound?

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Q.27 When two liquids do not mix, they form two separate layers and are known as

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Q.28 How one can separate ammonium chloride from a mixture containing ammonium chloride and sodium chloride?

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Q.29  The amount of solute present per unit volume or per unit mass of the solution/solvent is known as

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Q.30  According to the definition of pure substance, which of the following is a pure substance?

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