9th standard Science Chapter-5

9th Standard Science quiz Chapter-5

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9th standard science Chapter 5


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Q.41 Which of the following represents a correct chemical formula?

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Q.42 What is the formula mass unit of ZnO?

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Q.43 How many atoms of oxygen are present in 300 grams of CaCO3?

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Q.44  Which of the following represents the correct relation between Avogadro's number (No), number of particles (N) and moles (n)?

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Q.45 Who discovered the electron?

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Q.46 Which isotope is used in the nuclear power plants to generate electricity?

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Why was the Thomson’s Model of an atom failed?

i. It could not explain the screening of negative charges from that of positive

ii. It did not tell about the presence of electrons

iii. It did not give an idea about the discrete energy levels

iv. It explained the atom as a whole to be electrically neutral

Choose the correct option from the following:

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Q.48 What was the source of alpha particles in Rutherford scattering experiment?

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Q.49 What property of an element determines its chemical behaviour?

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Q.50 Which of the following does not match the characteristics of an Isotope?

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