9th standard Social Science Chapter-4

9th Standard Social Science quiz Chapter-4

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9th standard Social science Chapter 4


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Q.31 The name associated with April Theses is

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Q.32 The successor of Lenin was

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Q.33 Budeonovka was the name given to the Soviet

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Q.34 Which among the following groups was against any kind of political or social change?

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Q.35 Which of these statements is/are correct about Europe after the French Revolution?

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Q.36 Which of the following factors made autocracy unpopular in Russia?

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Q.37 How can you say that the ‘liberals’ were not ‘democrats’?

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Q.38 What kind of developments took place as a result of new political trends in Europe?

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Q.39 Who conspired in Italy to bring about a revolution?

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Q.40 What were the demands made by the workers in St. Petersburg who went on a strike?

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