9th standard Social Science Chapter-1

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9th Standard Social Science quiz Chapter-1

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9th standard Social science Chapter 1


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Q.1 Who said: The task of representing the people has been given to the rich?

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Q.2 The National Assembly framed a Constitution in 1791 to limit the powers of the

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Q.3 Who wrote an influential pamphlet What is the third Estate’?

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Q.4 Which group of people did not join the Jacobin club?

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Q.5 French women demanded the right:

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Q.6 A triangular slave trade took place between Europe, the Americas and:

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Q.7 Upon becoming free, the slave wore:

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Q.8 Who were not considered ‘passive citizens’?

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Q.9 The Third Estate comprised

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Q.10 Which of the following decisions was taken by the convention

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