9th standard Social Science Chapter 3

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9th Standard Social Science quiz Chapter-3

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9th standard Social science Chapter 3


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Q.21 Which of these provisions were passed by the Assembly on the night of 4 August, 1789?

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Q.22 According to the new constitution of 1791, the National Assembly was to be

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Q.23 Which of these rights were not established as ‘natural and inalienable’ rights by the constitution of 1791?

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Q.24 The leader of the Bolshevik party was

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Q.25 Tsarist power in Russia collapsed in the year

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Q.26 Tsarina Alexandra was of the

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Q.27 Jadidists were ………………… within the Russian empire.

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Q.28 The main occupation of the people of Russia in the beginning of the twentieth century was

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Q.29 A Labour Party in Britain was formed by socialist and

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Q.30 The Central powers during the First World War included countries like Germany, Turkey and

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