9th standard Social Science Chapter-7

9th Standard Social Science quiz Chapter-7

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9th standard Social science Chapter 7


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Q.61 The Treaty of Versailles (1920) signed at the end of World War I, was harsh and humiliating for Germany, because

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Q.62 What was Hitler’s historic blunder and why?

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Q.63 Why did Helmut’s father kill himself in the spring of 1945?

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Q.64 Which of the following bodies was set up to try and prosecute the Nazi war criminals at the end of World War II?

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Q.65 Tendu leaves are used in making

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Q.66 The railway network expanded rapidly in India from the

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Q.67 The Imperial Forest Research Institute was set up at

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Q.68 Baigas are a forest community of

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Q.69 The colonial power in Indonesia were the

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Q.70 Who were the colonial power in Indonesia?

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