Advertise Series 11

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Advertise Serie 11


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Q101. ______________ combine(s) sight, sound, and motion; appeals to the senses; and, has a low cost per exposure as advantages.

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Q102. All of the following are benefits of a standardization policy in global advertising EXCEPT:

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Q103. If a retailer were to offer the consumer a "two for one" deal in purchasing merchandise, which of the following sales promotional techniques would have been used?

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Q104. ______________ is a major promotion function whose objective is to build good relations with the company's various publics.

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Q105. All of the following would be considered to be major public relations tools EXCEPT:

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Q106. The ______________ is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing tools that the company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives.

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Q107. There is an increasing amount of commerce being done via the Internet. With respect to the promotional mix, which of the following categories would be most directly concerned with Internet commerce?

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Q108. ______________ fragmentation has resulted in media fragmentation.

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Q109. Integrated marketing communications involves identifying the target audience and shaping a well-coordinated promotional program to elicit the desired audience response. Too often, however: (Select the MOST CORRECT statement.)

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110. Which of the following promotional tools can reach many prospects who otherwise Avoid salespeople and is received as news rather than as a sales-directed communication?

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