Advertise Series 14

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Advertise Series 14


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Q131. The advantages of audience selectivity, no ad competition, and personalization apply to which type of media?

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Q132. ______________ is short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or service.

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Q133. Which of the following consumer-promotion tools is the most effective, but most expensive, way to introduce a new product?

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Q135. Despite its potential strengths, public relations is often described as as:

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Q136. Which tool of the promotional mix consists of short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service?

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Q137. The personal presentation by the firm's sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships is called:

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Q138. For many years mass-media advertising was king among promotion variables. today, this form of advertising appears to be giving way to:

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Q139. The concept of ______________ suggests that the company must blend the promotion tools carefully into a coordinated promotion mix.

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Q140. No matter which form of direct marketing might be used by a promotional manager, All of the forms have several characteristics in common. Which of the following WOULD NOT be among those characteristics?

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