Advertise Series 4

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Advertise Series 4


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Q31. Selecting target markets means using criteria such as cost of reach the segment and ______________:

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Q32. When a company retains the product but reduces marketing support costs it is in what stage of the PLC

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Q33. Using Price as a measure of the quality of a product and setting price high is:

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Q34. The main reasons a firm segments its markets are:

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Q35. During the introduction stage of the PLC, sales gradually increase and

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Q36. Selling brand-name products at lower than regular price is:

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Q37. One of the following is NOT a criteria when forming segments:

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Q38. The marketing objective for the maturity stage of PLC is to

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Q40. Risk taking, transporting and grading. Professional managed and centrally coordinated marketing channels designed to achieve channel economies and maximum marketing impact are called:

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