Advertise Series 5

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Advertise Series 5


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Q41. All activities involved in selling renting, and providing goods and services to ultimate consumers for personal, family or household use are known as:

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Q42. Learning refers to behaviors that result from

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Q43. Norms and expectations about the way people do things in a specific country are referred to as:

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Q44. The framework to relate the market segments of potential buyers to products offered or potential marketing actions by the firm is called:

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Q45. Another name for a company's marketing communications mix is:

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Q46. Although the promotion mix is the company's primary communication activity, the ______________ must be coordinated for greatest communication impact.

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Q47. IMC, as presented in the text and in context with promotion, stands for:

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Q48. The communications process should start with:

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Q49. The promotion tool that may include coupons, contests, premiums, and other means Of attracting consumer attention is best described as being which of the following?

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Q50. A ______________ is a promotion strategy that calls for using the sales force and trade promotion to move the product through channels.

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