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Complier Complier:  compiler is a translator program written in (High-level language) the source program and translate into an equivalent program in (machine-level language) the target program. An important part of compiler is an error showing to the programmer. Executing a program written in high-level language is basically of two parts the source program must first Continue reading

Pfizer vaccine for corona virus

Pfizer vaccine Pfizer is American medicine company. Pfizer vaccine need temperature -70 degree. side effects of the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine Please discuss with your local vaccination team or healthcare team if the vaccine is suitable for you. How to manage minor side effects Very common side effects: Occur in more than 1 in 10 Continue reading

What is the Difference Between HTML & XHTML

What is the variations Between HTML & XHTML HTML is most likely a prospering document language within the world, however once XML is especially wont to store and transfer the info, was introduced a replacement means for presenting this was required and XHTML was created. If your document is simply pure XHTML one.0 you may Continue reading

2500+ High Page Rank Free Directory Submission Lists

Directory Submission Sites Status DA (Domain Authority) Active 36 Active 36 Active 20 Active 20 Active 18 Active 20 Active 23 Active 21 Active 17 Active 12 Active 12 Active 15 Active 15 Active 29 Active 94 Active 91 Continue reading

Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites List With Top Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

World Top 5 Free Search Engine Submission Sites List S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) 01 93 75 02 93 57 03 90 55 04 90 97 05 66 50 Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites List S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Continue reading