Introduction to Programming Computer

Introduction to Programming in C Course Quiz Answer

Introduction to Programming Quiz

Introduction to Programming in C Course Quiz Answer

C Programming Quiz on Introduction to Computer, : Computer is a electronic device which s used to Store and  transfer Data from one place to another place  the information, it accepts the data from the instruction and store in the memory, Process gives the resultant output to the user,Introduction to Programming in C Course Quiz Answer.


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Introduction to Computer


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Q.1  Who is father of C Language?

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Q.2 C Language developed at ?

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Q.3 For 16-bit compiler allowable range for integer constants is       ?

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Q.4 C programs are converted into machine language with the help of

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Q.5 A C variable cannot start with

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Q.6 Which of the following is allowed in a C Arithmetic instruction

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Q.7 Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C

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Q.8 What is an array?

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Q.9 What is right way to Initialization array?

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Q.10 An array elements are always stored in memory

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