C Programming Quiz on Datatype 

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Q.111 Which of the following is true for variable names in C?

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Q.112 Which is valid C expression?

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Q.113 Which of the following is not a valid variable name declaration?


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Q.114 What is the problem in the following variable declaration?

float 3Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen?;

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Q.1115 Which of the following cannot be a variable name in C?

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Q.116 The format identifier ‘%i’ is also used for _____ data type

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Q.117 Which data type is most suitable for storing a number 65000 in a 32-bit system?

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Q.118 Which of the following is a User-defined data type?

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Q.119 What is the size of an int data type?

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Q.120 What is short int in C programming?

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