Exception Handling

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here you can know about exceptional handling, syntax try, catch , throw And finally all are covered in this Section.

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Exception. Handling


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Q.121 Which of the following statements should be used to obtain a remainder after dividing 3.14 by 2.1 ?

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Q.122 What are the types of linkages?

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Q.123 Which of the following special symbol allowed in a variable name?

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Q.124 Is there any difference between following declarations?

1 :extern int fun();
2 :int fun();

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Q.125 How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0?

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Q.126 By default a real number is treated as a

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Q.127 Is the following statement a declaration or definition?
extern int i;

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Q.128  Identify which of the following are declarations

1 :extern int x;
2 :float square ( float x ) { ... }
3 :double pow(double, double);

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Q.129 When we mention the prototype of a function?

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Q.130  In a file contains the line "I am a boy\r\n" then on reading this line into the array str using fgets(). What will str contain?

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