Computer Organization 1

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Computer Organization 1


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It has been noted that the computers of employees who use removable flash drives are being infected with viruses and other malware. Which two actions can help prevent this problem in the future?

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  1. A technician is troubleshooting a computer security issue. The computer was compromised by an attacker as a result of the user having a weak password. Which action should the technician take as a preventive measure against this type of attack happening in the future?

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Which action would help a technician to determine if a denial of service attack is being caused by malware on a host

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  1. Which question would be an example of an open-ended question that a technician might ask when troubleshooting a security issue?

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A manager approaches a PC repair person with the issue that users are coming in to the company in the middle of the night to play games on their computers. What might the PC repair person do to help in this situation?

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Which two Windows default groups are allowed to back up and restore all files, folders, and subfolders regardless of what permissions are assigned to those files and folders?

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  1. Which Windows Firewall option allows the user to manually allow access to the ports required for an application to be allowed to run?

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Which two security procedures are best practices for managing user accounts

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  1. What is the purpose of the user account idle timeout setting?

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What is the minimum level of Windows security required to allow a local user to restore backed up files

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