Computer Organization 2

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Computer Organization 2


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1. Which one security
precautions will help protect a workplace against social engineering? (Choose two.)

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  1. Which two characteristics describe a worm? 

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  1. web site to a fake web site? Which type of attack involves the misdirection of a user from a legitimate

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Which password is the strongest

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Which three questions should be addressed by organizations developing a security policy?

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  1. The XYZ company has decided to upgrade some of its older PCs. What precaution should the company take before the disposal of the remaining older computers?

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Which two file-level permissions allow a user to delete a file

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  1. What is the name given to the programming-code patterns of viruses?

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  1. Port triggering has been configured on a wireless router. Port 25 has been defined as the trigger port and port 113 as an open port. What effect does this have on network traffic?

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What are two physical security precautions that a business can take to protect its computers and systems?

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