Conjunction in Grammar

Conjunction in Grammar


A Conjunction is a word for joining one word to another word or one sentence to another sentence.

Here see some of the conjunction words and, but, as well as, or, because join one word to another or one sentence to another sentence. Such words are called Conjunctions.


  1. Rama and Toma are friends.

  2. Jhon works hard but Tom is idle.

  3. Tom is idle as well as foolish.

  4. Tom must work hard or he will fail.

  5. Tom will fail because he does not work hard.

Exercise -1

Underline the Conjunctions in the following sentences:

  1. Is that boy fat or thin?

  2. Though rich, he is not happy?

  3. Bimla is clever but idle.

  4. Two and two make four.

  5. He is poor but honest.

  6. Ashok as well as Raman had failed.

  7. Work hard if you want to pass

  8. He did not work hard, therefore he failed.

  9. Do it because it is your duty.

  10. Don’t go unless you are called.


Fill up with the blanks in the following sentences with suitable Conjunctions from the box. Some words may be used more than once.

If although but therefore because till though yet

  1. Wait for me _____ I return.

  2. You will fail _____ you do not work hard.

  3. He missed the train _____ he ran fast.

  4. ______ poor, he is happy.

  5. He did not work hard; _____ he failed.

  6. I did not go to school_____ I was unwell.

  7. She is poor _____ cheerful.

  8. I called _____ no one answered.

  9. He failed _____ he work hard.

  10. Catch me ______ you can.


Choose the most suitable word and fill up the blanks in the sentences given.

  1. I was late _____ I did not miss the bus.

A. And B. But C. Until D. That

  1. My mother will wear the blue Banarsi silk ___ the Kanjiveeram Sari to the party.

A. And B. But C. Or D. Because

  1. Jasmin was tired ___ she went to bed early.

A. And B. But C. So D. Until

  1. You have to keep on trying ____ you succeed.

A. And B. But C. So D. Till

  1. I want to go both the bird park _____ the zoo.

A. But B. Or C. So D. And

  1. You can go either to the zoo ______ the bird park.

A. And B. Or C. But D. Until

  1. He went home early ______ he was not feeling well.

A. Because B. But C. Although D. Therefore



  1. or, 2. not, 3. but, 4. and, 5. but, 6. as well as, 7. if, 8. therefore, 9. because, 10. unless.


  1. till, 2. if, 3. though, 4. although, 5. therefore, 6. because, 7. but, 8. but, 9. but, 10. yet.


  1. but, 2. or, 3. so, 4. till, 5. and, 6. or, 7. because.