Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Quiz


Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets Quiz in Html;

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Types of style sheets, Internal, External,Inline style sheets are available,Cascading Style Sheet Quiz In HTML there will be only simple quiz question are available in the. Quiz

How to add the style to a particular text, color, size font family all the process will be done in this Cascading Style Sheet Quiz In HTML, we can use XML, Cascading Style sheet means how we need add a Particular, Text color , Font Size Font Family, Size all that are done through the Cascading Style sheets, we will go through once

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Css quiz

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Q. 1) CSS Stands for

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Q. 2) Which HTML tag defines the Internal Style sheets

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Q. 3) How do you change  text colour of an element

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Q. 4) how do you write comment  with content also in css?

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Q. 5) correct way of writing a CSS syntax?

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Q. 6) In CSS "font-size" can be called as

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Q. 7) MIME stands for

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Q. 8) HTML tag for a largest heading

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Q. 9)  which tag is used to create the number of list

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Q. 10) Which tag is used for making the text italic in HTML?

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