Array and Linked list of Data Structures Quiz

Array and Linked list of Data Structures Quiz

Linked List Data Structure mcq

The linked list and its layout are both straightforward data details
Array: a collection of objects with the same type of data
Link List: an ordered collection of items of the same type in which each item is linked in the following references.

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Array and Linked List


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11) which of the following is an example of dynamic programming approach?

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12) minimum number of spanning tree in a connected graph is

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13) time complexity of depth first traversal of is

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which of the following is not possible with an array in c programming language

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15) the following sorting algorithm maintain two sub-lists,one sorted and one to be sorted

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16) which of the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure

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17) a binary search tree whose left subtree and right subtree differ in highly by at most 1 unit is called

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Q18)  Which type of temperature dependent resistor exhibits a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity?

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19)......level is where the model becomes compatible executable code

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20) stack is also called  as

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For example, an array is a datatype that is widely used as a default, in most modern editing languages, which is used to store data of the same type. However, there are many cases, such as where we do not know how much data should be stored, other data structures such as linked lists can be used. Linked List Data Structure mcq


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