Data Structure Quiz Question and Answer : 

Data Structures introduction Quiz

Data Structure Quiz Question and Answer :

The following queries provide Multiple Choice (MCQs) queries related to Data structure algorithms. You will need to read all the answers provided and click on the correct answer. If you are unsure of the answer you can check the answer using the answer button. You can use the Next Quiz button to check out a new set of quizzes.Data Structure Quiz Question and Answer :

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which of the following data structure is non linear type?

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which of the following data structure is linear type?

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To represent hierarchical relationship between elements which data structure is suitable?

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which data structure allows deleting data elements from front and inserting in rear?

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5) in order traversal of binary search tree will produce

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6) push() and pop() function are found in

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7)quick sort algorithm is an example of

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8)which of the following is example of in place algorithm?

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9) which of the following uses memoization?

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10) what data structure can be used to check if a syntax has balanced parenthesis?

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