Definition of DBMS and RDBMS

Definition of DBMS and RDBMS

DBMS: [Database Management System]

is a software which maintains and manages the database, DBMS provides two important features

1. Security: to protect the data

2. Authorization: it is used to access the data.

To communicate with DBMS software we use query language

Types of DBMS

1. Network DBMS

2. Hardware DBMS

3. RDBMS etc

RDBMS: [Relational Database Management System]

To communicate with RDBMS software we use a language called structure query language.

Relational Model:

• Relational Model was designed by EFCODD

• Relational Model store the data in the form of tables/relations

• In relational Model RDBMS we can store Meta Data ( data about the another data is called Meta Data)