Difference between DBMS and RDBMS

Difference between DBMS and RDBMS


1. Data base management system

2. Store the data in the form of files

3. Hierarchical arrangement of data

4. Allow one user at a time

5. Does not use acid form of storage

6. Manage the data in a computer

7. Does support integrity constraints

8. Cannot be normalised

9. No support for distributed database

10. Cannot handle large amount of data

11. Individual data access

12. No relationship defined for data

13. Cannot be normalised


1. Relational database management system

2. Store data in the form of tables

3. To store the data in the form of rows and columns

4. Allow multiple users at a time

5. Used acid models

6. Maintain the relation of data in a tables

7. Support integrity constraints

8. Support normalisation

9. Allows distributed database

10.  It handle the large amount of data

11. Easy and straight forward data access

12. Define a relationship using foreign key

Database : is a place or a media where we can store data in systematic and organized manner


Is a collection of data stored in the format that can be easily accessed

Data : data is nothing but row facts which describes attribute of an entity

Attribute: it is the property of an entity

Entity: anything which is physically exist call it as entity