Do THIS tonight and upgrade your s*x life

Reality is…

The majority of guys, even alphas, don’t know how to really please a woman.

Sex begins and ends in a woman’s mind. THAT’S what really makes her p*ssy wet with desire.

And the door to a woman’s mind is DOMINATION and CONTROL.

Few guys know how to use domination and control effectively in the bedroom.

They try what they may see on some purn site and it backfires and think “that doesn’t work.”

Of course, that doesn’t work.

That’s because purn is entertainment, not education.

What men struggle with is how to introduce it into a relationship without being seen as “kinky”.

Domination is NOT kinky, although it can be. Domination, light or heavy, is something that a woman secretly yearns for.

She wants to be controlled… lead… restrained… told what to do and when.

It’s when she’s at her best feminine self–submitting to the man’s s*xual power.

If you’re not doing this in the bedroom, she remains unfulfilled, even though your eight-inch c*ck maybe pounding her like a jackhammer.

That’s why I’m advocating you get sex coach, Adam Armstrong’s book.

It shows guys how to introduce domination into the relationship, in a way that’s not just acceptable to the woman, but DEEPLY DESIRED.

From the very first night, a woman will notice the shift and yield to your authority as a man.

You take the relationship reins. You decide how it all goes down, not her. Never her, again.

Even before you touch her, you know how to mindfvck her, in a way she’ll absolutely become addicted to.

I know it sounds weird.

If you or me were going to be dominated, we’d push back hard at the slightest hint.

But that’s what makes women different. They desire to be dominated.

Now the 21st century woman in them will bristle at the thought, but in the right man’s capable hands?

She’ll yield to him, willingly.

She’ll put her feminine soul in his hands. And it will make her panties wet just thinking about it.

That’s what Adam Armstrong’s book will do for you and your woman.

–> Hot to Become a Bedroom Boss–69 Ways to Fvck Her Brains Out


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