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Finance Series 10


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91. The addition of all current assets investment is known as...

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92. When total current assets exceeds total current liabilities it refers to.

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93. If the weighting of equity in total capital is 1/3, that of debt is 2/3, the return on equity is 15% that of debt is 10% and the corporate tax rate is 32%, what is the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)?

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94. Which of the following would not be financed from working capital?

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95. What is the difference between the current ratio and the quick ratio?

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96.Which of the following working capital strategies is the most aggressive?

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97. Which of the following is not a metric to use for measuring the length of the cash cycle?

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98. Which of the following is not the responsibility of financial management?

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99. Which of the following are not among the daily activities of financial management?

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100. Debt Equity Ratio is 3:1,the amount of total assets Rs.20 lac,current ratio is 1.5:1
and owned funds Rs.3 lac.What is the amount of current asset?

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