Finance Management Series-11 Quiz

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Finance Series 11


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101. Banks generally prefer Debt Equity Ratio at :

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102. An asset is a-

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103. If a company issues bonus shares the debt equity ratio will

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104. In the balance sheet amount of total assets is Rs.10 lac, current liabilities Rs.5 lac
& capital & reserves are Rs.2 lac .What is the debt equity ratio?

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105. In last year the current ratio was 3:1 and quick ratio was 2:1.Presently current ratio is 3:1 but quick ratio is 1:1.This indicates comparably

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106. Authorised capital of a company is Rs.5 lac, 40% of it is paid up. Loss incurred during the year is Rs.50,000. Accumulated loss carried from last year is Rs.2 lac. The company has a Tangible Net Worth of

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107. Proprietary ratio is calculated by

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108. Current ratio of a concern is 1,its net working capital will be

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109. Current ratio is 4:1.Net Working Capital is Rs.30,000.Find the amount of current Assets.

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110. Current ratio is 2:5.Current liability is Rs.30000.The Net working capital is

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