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Finance Series 14


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131. Capital market line is:

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132. CAPM accounts for:

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133. The point of tangency between risk return indifferences curves and efficient frontier highlights:

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134. A portfolio comprises two securities and the expected return on them is 12% and 16% respectively. Determine return of portfolio if first security constitutes 40% of total portfolio.

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135. Return on any financial asset consists of capital yield and current yield.

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136. There is no difference between the capital market line and security market line as both the terms are same.

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137. The value of a bond and debenture is

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138. Required rate of return>Coupon rate, the bond will be valued at

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139. If the coupon rate is constant, the value of bond when close to maturity will be

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140. A bond is said to be issued at premium when

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